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Animal Dental Clinic


Similar to human dentistry, veterinary dentistry is a vast and complex branch of medicine.

Lab equipment with display of animal mouth skull

Many people are surprised to find out that animals have similar dental and oral problems and require the same treatment as humans do.

A common misconception is to oversimplify the veterinary dentistry to “teeth cleaning”. When a pet owner brings their pet to the veterinarian, the veterinarian recommends some kind of “dental treatment,” the “dental treatment” is done, and the pet goes home shortly afterwards, feeling better, with clean teeth. Without thoughtful explanation, that pet owner may think that cleaning the teeth is all that was done, and/or that cleaning the teeth is what made the pet feel better.

Vet checking dog's teeth

Veterinary dentistry requires extensive knowledge, skills, and specialized equipment to determine the extent and severity of a pet’s oral disease and to decide on and execute the course of treatment that actually makes the pet feel better. While teeth may get cleaned in the process, that’s not the main step that addresses the oral pain and improves the pet’s quality of life. To find out more, visit our blog.

Preventative oral hygiene consultation