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Small white dog running through grass with an orange chew toy in its mouth

Our Practice

Established in 2000 by Dr. Steven Holmstrom, Animal Dental Clinic is known for advanced dental care for dogs and cats. Our focus is to sustain our high standards of modern veterinary dentistry and oral surgery, while providing excellent customer service to pet owners, and clinical support to veterinarians. We are a team that works well together, supports each other, and enjoys what we do.

Veterinarian sitting on a bench with a customer petting a tall tan and white dog

A rich history & a bright future

Dr. Steve Holmstrom first opened the doors to Animal Dental Clinic in 2000. Generally considered to be one of the founders of the specialty, Dr. Holmstrom brought advanced veterinary dentistry and oral surgery to the Peninsula area and beyond. When Dr. Holmstrom decided in 2012 to retire and limit his activity to helping exotic animals with dental problems he left Animal Dental Clinic in the capable hands of Dr. Cristine Mincheff, who had been his resident. Most recently, in 2016, Drs. Nicodin and Amy Farcas have taken over the responsibilities of ownership of the practice, while Dr. Mincheff has remained as a vital part of our team.

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Old man on a bench petting a dog and cat

Current patient care

Animal Dental Clinic has always provided the highest level of patient care and advanced dental and oral surgical procedures. In addition, we also focus on ensuring excellent service to both pet owners and veterinarians.

Whether a consultation about a pet’s preventative oral care recommendations, treatment for periodontal disease, root canal treatment and crown placement for a tooth fracture, maxillofacial tumor removal, or reconstructive surgery after trauma is needed, Animal Dental Clinic can help you to make sure that your pet has a pain-free mouth that does its job well.

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Animal Dental Clinic is all about making sure that our patients, clients, and staff are comfortable and happy to be with us. Originally built in 2000, the clinic has been updated several times since then.