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Well known luxury brand Hermes bag is a product of centuries, to represent the identity, tastes, face, temperament series symbol of fashion witness. It is led by a wave of Hermes bags / buying frenzy. Both girls entering the community or a mature lady charm are fascinated by it crazy for it, wants to take to the streets across the hands and become the object of much attention.

Hermes has become a contemporary classic brand, why do you say? Because it is precipitated bright shining for hundreds of years, the perfect luxury. Everyone brings a different visual feast, not the same distinguished atmosphere. It is worth every one of its crazy beauty of a woman, GUCCI men bags and handbags have become the first choice for fashion with, not because of the passage of time are eliminated!

For centuries, women have been the focus of gossip topics, each with a new out of the bag are addictive, Hermes Series checkered bag is one of the best, first of all we have to understand Hermes birkin bag foreskin presentations and materials related to the introduction of the production process, so that we will know its more thorough. Bright colors princess split feeling, even men are crazy, bring an excellent quality, identity suitable Hermes kelly bags travel, not only more effective, but also make people have a deep impression.

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Beautiful and attractive bag, which itself as a kind of glamorous and charm can not resist the temptation, the kind of noble, luxurious atmosphere feels as if suffocating generally unable to resist. More importantly, it can perfectly reflect a person's taste and temperament. Whether male or female bag bag, each with a Hermes can bring different feeling, bringing pride and satisfaction, and living color, and fall in love with life. Enjoy life.

Any length of time, Hermes is undoubtedly favored by time, but also by the trend of close friends. It brings color for fashion is not anything to be replaced, the longer, the higher will be the value of Hermes itself, as the existence of a classic.

Hermes bags many genuine first layer of leather and crocodile leather production, then these leather anything special? After what treatment? What kind of texture characteristic? Today, we come to understand the specific under the bar.

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Used in Hermes bags, big bag series milled cowhide. Leather skin feel silky, smooth texture and delicate feel fine fluff back in production after a particularly strengthened milled, leather material than the general requirements of the cortex to be more higher than other leather. Polished leather. Extremely smooth cow leather upper, bright color, has been known as the most delicate leather, lightweight paved surface quality leather, thin grind natural textures, thousands procedure only for the moment when the fingers touch the leather surface brightness and Smart. Used primarily for Hermes Clutch series.

Alligator population is divided into 23 kinds of press, HERMES bags using only one of the most top three: crocodile (Porosus), Nile crocodile (Niloticus), American alligator (Alligator). Different alligator BIRKIN bag, the price can vary third or even half. Its precious order is above from left to right. Each of which is divided into glossy alligator and matte (matte surface), because the original glossy leather demanding, special production process, and therefore more valuable.

The king of alligator leather, rare, special lines, with a long fresh. HERMES Nile crocodile are freshwater crocodiles, is more of a used HERMES crocodile, produced in the Nile Valley and southeastern Africa. Botswana, Zimbabwe (Oh, this country seems to have just in recent days issued 50 million a bill), Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Sudan are distributed. The more farmed crocodiles, crocodile Bay did relatively scarce, lines are also slightly less gifted, but that is the best. The three crocodiles, the smallest. Also known as the Mississippi alligator alligators, only produced in the southeastern United States and the Mississippi River and other places, and hence the name, it is of course also a freshwater crocodile. This crocodile bulky, I have seen a 3.5 m long, and quite spectacular. Are three of the worst kind of crocodile.

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