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Of course, Louis Vuitton has brought the biggest surprise is the traditional usa patterns, such as Tamron, clouds and waves, and so on to the zodiac prints show in a suit jacket, silk shirt, and even handbags. French luxury big louis vuitton recently launched 2013 Winter Men's large, invited male model Casey Taylor and Paul Sculfor appearances together. 2013 spring and summer louis vuitton men bag, men's design was inspired by a comfortable travel from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest through to China's mysterious oriental style. Her latest world around anywhere, is promoting his new film "Iron Lady also crazy (I Don't Know How She Does It.)", louis vuitton outlet store has often encountered crazy fans in Moscow before the publicity, the case of crazy fans for autographs, even want to kiss her, and that that was her bodyguard fans, so Sarah a false alarm.

Sarah Jessica Parker has recently become the love louis vuitton, she mention the latest autumn and winter louis vuitton Monogram Addiction Lockit louis vuitton handbags embroidery, three-dimensional embroidery lines, creating a unique texture, louis vuitton bag which she recently appeared often take confirmed that good-looking and easy to use. Recently put the latest quarter Leiden Ming Site Gossip Girl filming, she is with those who love winter, recently attended the running crouch when vest with black thread empty winter latest Lockit louis vuitton bag, using top leather design, bracelet department changed into handcuffs, echoing Fetish design style. This season Louis Vuitton men's change to go low-key luxury line, is designed for mature successful men and design, divided into leisure, business, celebrities three types. State supermodel Vanessa Traina is the louis vuitton Friends, who shot a lot of the brand image advertising, she is with those who love louis vuitton, autumn and winter wear leather dress, indeed show a charming body, thereby exaggerating the louis vuitton winter with real wear and creativity and other dual function. Successful men to represent everything, but the taste is even more crucial clothing, presumably Louis Vuitton men this season, once launched, will be in the areas of mature male celebrity big favor.

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Emily Browning then turned French maid, wearing the Marc Jacobs deliberately create a fetish clothing, has a fascination for vintage maid outfit, round neck, long sleeves and pants, wearing black, seemingly innocent innocent, yet full of imagination of space.

Claire Court hands Lockit louis vuitton clutch, is the most IN winter louis vuitton bag models, artistic director Marc Jacobs turn to play Lockit bag, the material on the use of a variety of techniques, such as material glossy and matte face ratio, and the texture contrast vividly so that the new package shall covered imagination of space. Whether black suit pants shirt series is still gray open-necked sweater, large lapel motorcycle leather, or Long coat collar, of course, is a low-key colors and simple design, louis vuitton but what luxury is still Hide not to live.

2013 spring and summer louis vuitton men bag, men to cut loose-based, multi-layered coat with exaggerated louis vuitton outlet, are much more loose pants pants low pants, put on hot leather sandals, a little movement style, giving a relaxed casual feel. Claire Court ladies wear relatively bold brave, she will play louis vuitton Winter Fetish more to the fullest, with friend and stylist Caroline Sieber, wore with a vest, silk autumn and winter clothes, deliberately exaggerated curve cut, waist and charming full degree, also challenge the women dress standards. Louis Vuitton 2013 spring and summer men to travel for the spindle, throughout the Brazilian rainforest and Chinese style, Chinese style is manifested in more styles and prints on apparel.

The French national treasure brand, has just held in Paris in 2013 spring and summer new conference, the brand's new ambassador Sculley Johansson, have appeared fashion show will be.

louis vuitton forefront of the times, yet over the spring and summer, the latest series has been impatient available, designed to walk in elegant, sexy and glamorous, between exquisite tailoring, exquisite detail, from luxurious fabrics, creating a new generation of "type grid haute couture "the essence edition.

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Main bunt series, early spring vacation series inevitably there is a feeling of unrestrained, in order to show the casual stance, as also a large number of main bunt new series, no short lengths short challenges women's sexy standards, mustard-colored new louis vuitton handbags, though alluring, but arrived at a different elegant, sophisticated, youthful beauty, entirely by his own will, in order to
mix match unfolded.

The whole world knows, louis vuitton most famous monogram, in addition to the handle is leather, canvas lining that layer can have a pass on the strength, louis vuitton secret is not out of line, do not distort the strict quality control, U.S. Weekly has reported, louis vuitton Paris head office basement with test room, filled with three kg bag multiple objects are mechanical arm dropped repeatedly lift up to four days, it is resistant to the test bag fee, and even opening and closing zippers specifically responsible for the testing machine, pull On closure times are also of 52.1 times.

Introduced late last year Trianon canvas series, launched in 1858 the first workshop only louis vuitton luggage for the prototype, when surrounded by suitcases along the marked wood and rivets, Trianon will be in clean, pure color canvas bag body, with leather bags along the edge trim or make cutting stitching, weekends and short-term tolerance in response to demand, Sac de Nuit, Neverfull Bag and Poids Plume three packages, each with its medium and small size bag.

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